Thursday, June 30, 2011

Traver Creek Bank Stabilization

In conjunction with the Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner's Office, we were able to stabilize the stream bank near #12 green with large chunks of crushed limestone. This is known as "rip-rap." It is able to with stand the erosive forces of the stream better than native soils.

Here is the stream from 2009.

Here it is from this spring. Notice how the stream has broken through it's bank.

Here is the picture after the rip-rap has been added.

We also redirected the stream away from the green in a different ox-bow. This is a place were the stream, at one time, flowed through until it eroded and changed it's course.

Here is another area that we stabilized near the cart path.

You can see Karl putting the geo-textile fabric down that helps hold the soil in place.

Here is a video of the rock being put into place.

1 comment:

Brian Kuehn said...

The course is in great shape and I noticed the work on the stream bank. It looks good.

Although it is probably not the best thing for #12 green, it is kind of cool how Traver Creek created an "ox bow" just like the Mississippi River does from time to time.