Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014 Weather Summary

The highest temperature for the month of September was 92.2 degrees. This happened on the 5th. It was also the only time this year we recorded a temperature above 90 on the weather station at Leslie Park Golf Course. The lowest temperature for the month was the morning of the 14th, where we saw a chilly 38.9 degrees. It was also the date of the first frost of the year. The frost can happen, even when the temperature is above freezing because the weather station is 15 feet above the ground. Closer to the turf level, the temperature can be significantly lower because colder air sinks. The average temp was 61.2. For reference, June, July and August were all in the upper 60's for mean temps.

September also saw 3.74 inches of rain fall. The yearly total is now 27.78 inches. The most daily rainfall fell on the 10th (1.25 inches) but the precipitation event that started on the 20th and ended the morning of the 21st had 1.45 inches. The 20th had 1.15 inches while the 21st finished with just 0.30 inches. There were only two days with over an inch of precipitation and six days had more than a tenth of an inch. Nine days had at least a trace of rain.

The highest sustained windspeed was 29.0 mph (Sept 5.) The average windspeed for the month was 1.5 mph.