Monday, November 23, 2015

Tree Work

There is a very large oak tree to the left of the fairway on #5 at Leslie Park that has seen better days. Unfortunately, this tree is very important to how the hole plays. It is also very hard to replace a tree of this size. With that in mind, we have implemented a program to try and save the tree. Earlier this year, we hired a forestry consultant to look at the tree and provide recommendations. They came out in September and loosened the soil at the base of the tree. They also recommended trimming out all of the dead wood.

This is the tree in June of 2014.

Another shot of the same tree. The yellow leaves are a sign that the tree is not healthy.

This was taken looking east before the dead wood was trimmed out.

After trimming. It should be noted that these shots are taken from the side of the hole. When viewed from the tee or the green, the tree looks less lopsided.

Looking west before trimming.

After trimming.

Hopefully, these steps will keep this tree healthy and alive for many more years.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 2015 Weather Summary

The highest temperature recorded at the weather station at Leslie Park Golf course in October was 76.0 degrees(Oct 20). The lowest temperature, recorded just three days earlier on Oct 17, was 28.1 degrees. There were two days that fell below freezing (the other was the next day, Oct 18.) The average temperature was 52.9 degrees.

There were seven days of rain during the month, with the highest total coming on the 28th (1.01 inches.) Three days had at least a tenth of an inch.

The highest recorded sustained windspeed was 29 mph. (Oct 24) The average windspeed was 2.7 mph.