Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Irrigation at Huron Hills

The irritation irrigation at Huron Hills is often a challenge. Whenever we start digging, you never know what you will find. This irrigation leak near #7 green has been on the agenda for quite a while. Last year, we dug down far enough to know that the leak was at the reducing coupling where the six-inch main line went down to 2.5 inches.  This type of repair is not easy and the leak was not big, so we opted to do it in the spring before we started up the water. This gave us a couple of advantages. The first is that we did not have to drain the water out of the main line. With a 6 inch diameter main line, this would be thousands of gallons of water we would have to remove. The second advantage is that usually in the spring, the water needs of the grass is not high and a fix of this size can take a couple of days.

When we got back and started digging out the lines, what we found was a maze of pipes.
I have no idea what the thinking behind this design was.

The six inch main line runs from the lower right to the upper left in this picture.

It seems like this might have been a repair and replacement of a four way joint, or cross. These cross joints are extremely tough to replace, especially on a six inch pipe. The "solution" was to put in a tee coming out to the north and size it down to 2.5 inches. Then come out and make a 90 degree turn with an "elbow" to the east. After another 3 feet of 2.5 inch pipe, a tee was added. This matched up with the 2.5 inch pipe that headed east. The problem was in then connecting to the 2.5 inch pipe that runs west. It is on the other side of the 6 inch mainline and at the same depth. They then took another elbow and came up enough to clear the mainline and then bring it back down on the other side. 

I should mention that the mainline here is only about 18 inches below ground. This meant that the pipe coming over the mainline was less than a foot below the surface.

We decided to put in two tees off of the mainline. One for the east and one going west. 

The two tees coming off the mainline.

In order to realign the pipe, we used 45 degrees turns. This cuts down on the pressure loss that would be experienced using 90 degree elbows.

The finished product with a new quick coupler that we will be able to use on #7 green.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March, 2014 Weather Summary

The high temperature for March was 56.5 degrees (March 31st.) This means I did not have to start off this month's summary with the statement "It was cold." Five days had high temperatures in the 50's. The lowest temperature recorded was -3.6 degrees (13th.) The weather station at Leslie Park had three days were the low temperature was below zero. Twenty-six days got below freezing and only 11 days had highs above 32 degrees. While this may seem cold, compared to what we had been having, it was balmy. The average temperature for the month was 28.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

We recorded 1.02 inches of rain, although at least some of that number was from melting snow. The highest daily rainfall was 0.17 inches (11th.)  Five days had over a tenth of an inch of rain.

The highest windspeed was 31 mph, recorded on the 12th.

The snowpiles are still hanging on, but they do not have much life left in them. Here is a picture from this morning.

I think the guess of April 7th will be closest.

The same area in February.

#9 fairway and green still have some snow on them as well. But there is some green in the picture, as well.