Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March, 2014 Weather Summary

The high temperature for March was 56.5 degrees (March 31st.) This means I did not have to start off this month's summary with the statement "It was cold." Five days had high temperatures in the 50's. The lowest temperature recorded was -3.6 degrees (13th.) The weather station at Leslie Park had three days were the low temperature was below zero. Twenty-six days got below freezing and only 11 days had highs above 32 degrees. While this may seem cold, compared to what we had been having, it was balmy. The average temperature for the month was 28.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

We recorded 1.02 inches of rain, although at least some of that number was from melting snow. The highest daily rainfall was 0.17 inches (11th.)  Five days had over a tenth of an inch of rain.

The highest windspeed was 31 mph, recorded on the 12th.

The snowpiles are still hanging on, but they do not have much life left in them. Here is a picture from this morning.

I think the guess of April 7th will be closest.

The same area in February.

#9 fairway and green still have some snow on them as well. But there is some green in the picture, as well.

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