Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Piles

With the amount of snow we have received this winter (somewhere around 3 feet) the piles of the white stuff in the parking lots are getting pretty big. With the plow that we have, the snow gets pushed in front of the truck. Once the snow pile gets to be around 3 feet tall, it doesn't go any higher. This means that the piles move out into the parking lot. Soon, I have to go out with the loader and move those piles out of the way. The piles end up being around 7-8 feet high. With the way this winter seems to be going, these piles will be here until May. Leave your best guess for when the last snow will be gone from the parking lots in the comments. I can't give anything for the person closest to the actual date except a mention in the blog. My guess is April 15th.

Our plow truck.

"No Parking Between Signs"

A seven foot tall, two hundred foot long pile of snow.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January 2014 Weather Summary

January 2014 was cold. The average temperature for the month was 17.3 degrees. The high temperature for the month was 44.0 degrees while the low was -12.6.  Thirteen days had low temperatures that were below zero.  There were 25 days where the temperature never got above freezing and 28 of the 31 days had low temperature below freezing.  Compare this to January 2013. Last year, Leslie Park had one day below zero degrees and just 13 days never got above the freezing mark.  The average temperature last year was 28.7 degrees.

Despite the cold weather, the weather station recorded 0.89 inches of rain. This rain came over the course of two days (the 10th and 11th) with 0.61 inches coming on the 10th.  January of 2013 had four rain events, for reference.

The average wind speed for the month was 5.2 miles per hour and the highest sustained wind speed was 33 mph (24th.)