Friday, June 24, 2011

Just the tip of the boulder........

The expression "Just the tip of the iceberg" took on a slightly different form for us this week. One of the guys mowed #13 fairway and told me about a "little" rock that was working it's way up through the turf. I sent a couple of guys out to 13 at the end of the day to dig it out and fill in the hole with soil and seed. They came back and told me they could not get the rock out. It was too big. When I saw what they had excavated, I went to get the backhoe because it was VERY big. Here is a picture of it's new home in one of the parking lot medians.

One of the unique (to southeastern Michigan) things about Leslie Park is the change in elevation. This is thanks to the glaciers that came through 10,000 years ago. They deposited whatever they picked up in Canada here. In areas where the glaciers paused, they put more of the sediment (called glacial till)and caused the hills and valleys (kettle and kames) we have here. According to Wikipedia,  glacial till is unsorted glacial sediment. Glacial till is that part of glacial drift which was deposited directly by the glacier. Its content may vary from clays to mixtures of clay, sand, gravel and boulders.


Brian Kuehn said...

Now I have another "Leslie Park" story to tell my guests. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Had that happen once at a course where I used to work. Expect in reverse. Heard stories about this giant rock on the 4th fairway where only the tip was showing.
"Too big to move" I was told.

One day went down to see how big this monster was. After a little digging, I pulled out a rock the size of a football.