Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 2011 Weather Summary

After hoping for the rain to stop in April and May, it finally did. In June we got 1.18 inches of rain. Weather Underground says that 1.98 inches would be normal. We had just three days of rain in excess of 0.1 inches of rain and 8 days with more than a trace of rain. The month had a total evapotranspiration (ET) rate of almost 5.25 inches. ET is an estimation of how much water a plant would use. It is calculated by the weather station and takes into account humidity, solar radiation (sunlight), wind speed and temperature. So the turf ran at a deficit of over 4 inches of rain. This is why the non-irrigated areas on the course are turning brown and going into dormancy.

Ann Arbor had 2 days where the high temperature was above 90 degrees, with the highest temperature recorded being on the 8th.  The lowest temperature for the month of June was 50.7 on the 13th. The average temperature was 69.0.

Highest wind speed recorded was 33 miles per hour on the 1st.

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