Friday, July 22, 2011


Leslie Park almost made it to triple digit temperatures yesterday but not quite. According to the weather station, we hit 97.3 degrees. Some of the other weather stations around town hit 100, including one in Ypsilanti that recorded 102! We do have the advantage of not being surrounded by pavement and buildings. The low temperature was 76.4 to mark the fourth day the temperature did not drop below 70. It was also the fifth straight day of 90 degrees plus.

We got a nice little surprise this morning, as the temperature when I got in this morning was a comfortable 65. I almost needed a jacket. Almost. Hopefully, this will reset the clock on Pythium development , so we will start watering fairways at night again.

The forecast is still calling for a break from the high temps coming after the weekend. There is also a fair chance for some much needed rain.  We have only gotten 0.51 inches of rain in the month of July. This might seem a little low because of Monday's storms but they seemed to go right around the golf course. While other local communities got up to an inch of rain, we only got 0.01 inches here.

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