Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Traver Creek Project Update

Progress is being made on the creek. The north pond is almost complete, once the retaining wall is set, the diversion of Traver Creek will be removed and it will begin to fill back up with water.

Starting the second course along #17 green.

The blocks are stored in the maintenance barn parking lot until needed.

The view from #17 forward tee.

The creek running beside #17 green is ready for seed. This picture was taken from the bridge to #18.

The cross vein in front of #10 green has been installed.

This is the plunge pool just after the bridge. You can see the bypass pump here.

The creek banks have been sloped and are waiting for topsoil and seeding. You can see the 4 inch hose running from the pump which bypasses the area that is being worked on in the foreground.

Excavators work in tandem on both sides of the creek.

The carpenters have started construction on the crossings over the wetlands. This is coming off of #13 tee. The Arrowood drain that currently crosses 13 fairway 100 yards from the green will be re-routed under here. According to aerial photos from the 1950's, this is closer to where it ran historically.

Finally, here is an overview of the work taken from behind #3 green. It is hard to make out, but I think there are around 15 machines working on various projects in this scene.

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Brian Kuehn said...

We took a stroll thru the back nine recently. The project, in some places, is really starting to knit together. It will be interesting to tee it up on #10 and play the "new" back nine next year. Hard to imagine all the grass growing in adequately for play to occur next year. You guys are the experts, however, so I plan to walk on a new carpet of grass come next spring.