Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Traver Creek Project Week #3

Before I get into the pictures, let me say that some of these may be alarming. In order to complete the work on the creek, some trees and brush needed to come out. Most of these trees were fast growing Cottonwood and Willow. The brush was predominately invasive honeysuckle and buckthorn. When seeing the project halfway through completion, you see the absence of trees but not the almost 130 new trees that will be planted. We made it a priority to only remove the trees and brush that is necessary for the project. The end result of this project will be a net environmental gain in reduced sediment and phosphorous that goes from Traver Creek into the Huron River.

That being said, here are some pictures from this week.
The pond is almost fully dredged.

Cobblestone and rock walls will be installed this week along this bank.

The cobblestone being delivered.

That is a big excavator. 3.5 scoops fills up the nearly 20 yard off-road dump truck.

Looking at the bridge between #17 Green and #18 Tee. You can now see the pumphouse and barn from here.

In this picture form 2 years ago, you can see the cleared area to the left.

The view from what used to be #10 tee. The topsoil has been stripped and stockpiled. Soil from the project will be used to raise this area out of the floodplain. It will then be sodded with bentgrass in the fairway and tees. The rough will be seeded.

#10 Tee earlier this year.

The area near old #14 tee where the pond spoils are being mounded.

In this shot from 2009, you can see the valley that was filled in. It will not effect play, since this area was well to the left of where the current tee sits.

#13 Tee.

A picture of the tee from of few years ago. Notice the dense underbrush along the creek. This area will be replaced with high quality wetland habitat.

Here is the practice green from #13 Tee.

Another shot of the practice green. Notice #13 tee and #11 fairway in the background.

This picture is from almost the same angle. You can make out the large Oak trees to the left of #13 tee in the background.

Here is the new diversion ditch for Traver Creek. The previous solution of two 8 inch and one 6 inch pipe did not work as well as planned. The contractor decided to line this open air ditch with plastic instead.

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Brian Kuehn said...

Waaaaahhhhhhhh!! What are you doing to my course!!!

Okay, okay ... breath deep, relax ... Repeat after me, everything will be fine, everything will be better.

I look forward to seeing the "new" back nine next spring.