Monday, November 5, 2012

Traver Creek Project Update

On Monday, October 29th, LJ Construction began working at the Leslie Park Golf Course. They pumped down the north pond.

They made a diversion channel to change the flow of Traver Creek while they work on the north pond.

They started stripping topsoil from the area to the west of #14 tee and stockpiling it for use later. This is an area where spoils from the pond will be moved.

Dredging of the pond continued in week 2.

Here you can see the temporary "road" that has been built in order to get the dump trucks and excavators out into the pond.

Some trees have been cut in order to get access to the creek. They will be replaced with native trees and shrubs.

Spoils from the pond are mixed with soil in order to dry the spoils out.

Loading up the off-road dump trucks.

Mixing the spoils near old #14 tee.

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Brian Kuehn said...

That is one heck of a big project. I am excited to see what the course looks like next spring.