Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hydraulic Leak

On Monday, June 17th, our greens mower suffered a hydraulic leak in one of the hoses that run the cutting units. This happened on #1 green. Leslie Park uses a hydraulic oil that is not petroleum based. This makes the chance of a hydraulic leak killing the grass a little smaller, but often the culprit is the heat from the oil as much as the oil itself.

Since the leak happened on #1 green and the morning was relatively cool, I had hoped that the grass would recover from the leak. This past weekend, I determined that the grass was damaged enough to replace it with sod from the practice green.

Here is the leak. Unfortunately, it was right in the middle of the green, lined up with the fairway.

The leak a couple of days latter.

We used a sod cutter to run a strip right over the leak.

Sod is rolled up from the practice green and ready to be transferred to #1.

We are half done with laying the strip of new sod down. You can see the sand we put down under the sod to help level the new sod to the playing surface.

Almost done with the sod. We put sand down along the seams to fill and true the surface. This was then brushed into the turf.

Ready for play.

The sod strip three days latter. Slightly different fertility levels between the practice green and #1 green account for the difference in color. That will be rectified when we next fertilize.

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Anonymous said...

Great work there, I live out in Oregon and often drainage lines are cut into greens that stay too soft in the winter rains. Recovery times are years and often the level is never right and the lines almost permanent.