Friday, June 28, 2013

Storms and Flooding

Heavy rains last night (about 2 inches of rain fell at LPGC) has created some issues this morning. Traver Creek is running very high and flooding has made me eliminate the use of carts for today.

#1 green has a new water hazard.

Also, the large tree at the left corner of #4 fairway was toppled last night. This will dramatically change the hole, but the tree was not in good shape and we have been planning for it's demise for a couple of years. You can't replace a tree this size immediately, but steps will be taken soon to minimize how to hole plays.

#4 from the tee.

A closer look.

You can see the small amount of roots. This lead to the tree not being stable enough to withstand last night's wind. Also, the core of the trunk is rotting. You can also see how the bark is ripped off the front of the tree and many marks from where golf balls have struck the tree.

Looking at #4 fairway from #5 tee.

Of course, this guy was surfing a matteress about 1 mile away from the golf course on the other side of the Broadway bridge.

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