Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have already named too many blog entries Rain (Rain) so I am going with another title.

Walking Bridge on #13

During the last 24 hours, we have gotten 3.04 inches of rain. From the level of Traver Creek, I think some areas upstream from us have gotten more than that. We are closed on the Back 9 today because the bridges are under water.
Walking Bridge on #10

Cart Bridge on #18

Cart Bridge on #12

Cart Bridge on #18

We also had some major flooding on the Front 9.

Pond on #8

#9 Fairway

#1 Green

#3 Fairway


Amy said...

Wow. Remember this in August when you're complaining about how dry everything is. :)

Brian Kuehn said...

Very cool photos. I played Leslie (walking) last Summer after a torrential down pour. The 3rd fairway was a lake and the several drains were working overtime. However, the cart bridge from 17 to 18 (or in my case, from 10 to 11) was clear of water. So this storm beats last year by a long way.