Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 2015 Weather Summary

The high temperature for the month of April came on the 17th. It got up to 76.2 degrees on that day. Just a week later, on the 24th,  the lowest temperature of 25.1 degrees for the month was recorded. Just 5 days had lows below the freezing mark. The average temperature was 48.5 degrees. Compare that to last months average of 33.9. Spring is finally here.

April saw 2.28 inches of precipitation. The highest daily rainfall was 0.63 inches on the 9th. Six days saw over a tenth of an inch while 12 had at least a trace. The total for the year is 3.71 inches. This is pretty close to what we have seen over the last couple of years. May turns out to be much wetter, though. The previous two years have seen over 5 inches of rain during this month.

The high sustained windspeed for April was 33 mph (April 21) while the average was 3.9 mph.

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