Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2015 Weather Summary

The high temperature for the month of March was 64.7 degrees. The lowest temperature recorded at Leslie Park Golf Course was -3.1. The average temperature was 33.9. We are finally back above freezing for the month. Twenty-four days saw the low temperature fall below 32 degrees while only 5 days never got above the freezing mark. The last of these days was March 6th.

The month only saw five days of rainfall with the total precipitation totaling just 0.57 inches. The heaviest amount of rain fell on the last day of March, with a total of 0.27 inches recorded. The total rain for the year is now at 3.83 inches.

The average wind speed was 4.0 mph. The highest sustained wind speed recorded was 37 miles per hour on March 29th.

Nobody cares about all of this, but if you are still reading, you will want to know that Leslie Park will open tomorrow at 11 A.M. and all 18 holes of Huron Hills will open at the same time.

Happy golfing!

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Brian Kuehn said...

Hooray! Golf is back!!! What a second... this isn't an April Fool's prank, is it? ;)