Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Subtle Changes

One of the smaller changes we have done over the last few years is to upgrade the tee markers at both Leslie Park and Huron Hills. The old tee markers were plastic spheres with a metal spike to keep it in the ground. There are many different styles of tee marker you can get from a golf supplier, but they can get expensive. If you have 18 holes and four sets of tees, you need 144 tee markers. Add in a couple of spares for the inevitable mower accident or vandalism, you probably need about 160. Even at $12 each, this can add up quickly. ($1,920.00 for the "cheap" ones. I have seen some that can be closer to $40 each.)

That being said, a few years ago, we experimented with making some tee markers out of 4 x 4 lumber. This was much more economical but looked kind of generic. Then I found a website that made custom designed branding irons. I sent them a PDF of the Leslie logo and all of a sudden, we had custom tee markers. This past winter, we included Huron Hills in the redesign, plus special "Tournament" markers that will only be used during special occasions. All told,  we made 280 tee markers for the 2015 golf season. Here are some pictures.

The Tournament markers are made from cedar.

A better view of the logos and different styles.

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Brian Kuehn said...

I have noticed the tee markers. Nice touch. You do a fine job paying attention to both the large issues and the small details.