Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tree Update

Last week, I wrote about some storm damage that occurred on July 9th and June 27th. This past week, we replaced the large cherry tree on the dogleg of #4 with two 4 inch diameter maple trees. Usually, the city of Ann Arbor does not plant many maples due to almost 50% of the mature canopy within the city limits already being maple. Leslie Park Golf Course, however, is situated in a predominately Oak/Hickory Forest. In conjunction for the need for fast replacement of the cherry tree due to the strategic location on the hole and the upcoming City Championship, it was decided to plant maple trees. We chose a vareity of sugar maple called "Legacy" and a red maple called "Autumn Blaze."
The Autumn Blaze is nearest to the former location of the cherry.

In this view looking back toward the tee, you can see both of the new trees. They have the thick bed of mulch under them.

The cherry that fell was in the roped off area in front of the new tree. The stump was dug out and the hole filled with soil, then seeded

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