Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 2013 Weather Summary

July was interesting. It started out warm and wet, turned hot and dry and then ended cool (for July) and wet. We had four straight days with high temperatures above 90 degrees (July 16-19.) This happened during the week leading up to the City of Ann Arbor Golf Championship. The low temperature during those four days was 71.1 degrees. The 19th had the highest temperature for the month at 92.5 degrees, while the lowest temperature recorded was 48.4 (July 25th.) The average temperature was 71.7 degrees.  From the 24th until the end of the month, the high temperature did not get above 78 degrees and lowest daily high temperature (65.5) occurred on the 28th. Certainly not typical July temperatures.

For the month, Leslie Park Golf Course recorded 2.93 inches of rain. The ninth had the largest single rain event at 1.25 inches. From that day until the 20th, we had no rain. This was also the hottest stretch of weather during the month. Ten days is not a long time to go without rain during the summer. Just last year, we went 21 days without rain during July. Thirteen days had a measurable amount of rain and six days had over a tenth of an inch.

The highest wind gust recorded was 39 mph (July 9th) and the average wind speed was 1.4 mph.

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