Monday, January 28, 2013

Traver Creek Project Update #8

The excavation of Traver Creek through the golf course as well as the excavation of the arrowood drain are complete. These areas have been seeded with a native plant mixture and covered with straw mulch blankets. The crossings have been fabricated and are usable. Rough grading of most of the spoil pils on the golf course is complete. There are three major piles that still need rough grading, the berm along Traver Road, the hill between #18 tee and #10 fairway as well as the hill to the west of #14 tee.

All of the spoil piles need final grading as well as seeding of the turfgrass varieties. Sod will be laid along #11 fairway, #10 tee and fairway as well as any area where haul roads crossed fairways. Some of these areas include #14, #16, #13 and possibly #18.

Golf Course staff are looking at finalizing plans for tree replacement. There are over 100 trees that are budgeted to be planted after the ground thaws.

One other major assignment will be the repair and replacement of damaged irrigation pipe and heads that either needed to be moved or were damaged during construction.

Most of this work cannot be acomplished during sub-freezing weather, so the construction crew will be taking some time off and will be back in a couple of weeks.

Here are some photos of Traver Creek about to crest above the "low flow channel" and into the "high flow channel." This allows the water to signifcantly slow down and deposit sediment that it has picked up before finally making it to the Huron River.

Near #12 green.

From #13 tee. #10 tee is the large mound of soil to the right of the creek.

Looking from the bridge near #13 tee toward the practice green.

The convergance of the new arrowood drain and Traver Creek.


Brian Kuehn said...

The functionality of the new drainage will certainly be tested in the next 48 hours.

Ricky said...
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