Friday, November 4, 2016

October 2016 Weather Summary

The high temperature for the month of October was 81.7 degrees (Oct 7th) while the low was 32.0 (28th.) The average temperature was 55.0 degrees, eleven degrees cooler than last month.

There were 10 days of precipitation with a monthly total of 3.26 inches. Eight days saw more than a tenth of an inch of rain and the 20th had the most rainfall with 0.93 inches. The total for the year so far is 26.81 inches.

Average windspeed was 2.2 mph. The highest recorded sustained windspeed was 26 mph, on the 17th.


Brian Kuehn said...

It seems like some greens have been aerated twice or aerated on a different schedule.

#1, #8, #10, #11, 17 all seem to be "worse" than the balance of the greens.

Scott Spooner said...


Those greens, as well as #14 were done with a larger tine size than the other greens. The greens that you mentioned were re-done during the renovation in the mid-90s and do not share the same characteristics as the other greens, so we manage them differently because the sub surface is different. We have been noticing moss growing on those greens, and the hope is that with the larger tines, we are physically removing more of the moss that way. We are also using an herbicide on those greens, to combat the moss.

Brian Kuehn said...

Thanks for the explanation.

We were strolling around the course over Thanksgiving weekend. That is the longest mole "run" I have ever seen on #16 fairway and the other one is pretty decent length, too. Time for a "mole cull." ;) Hire Carl Spackler.