Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall Project Update

We finished aerification on the Huron hills greens today. We hope to start Leslie next week. We have aerified some of the tees at Leslie and hope to continue "plugging" away at those. (That is an aerification joke.)

We had a tree company come in to trim up one of the oaks on #5 as well as cable the three parts of the tree together. The large oak on the left of the hole was developing a split and in order to cause less stress on the joint, they took some of the heavy limbs off. After the limbs were removed, you do not notice a difference, but the weight reduction was significant. Hopefully, this tree will be around for several decades.

How many climbers can you find in the tree? There are 3.

We have also built a new forward tee on #11. The tee that was on the far side of the wetland was too small and also accentuated the dogleg. This made the hole more difficult than it should be from the forward tees. The new tee will give players a straighter shot to the hole.

Half the sod in place.

From this view, you can see down most of the fairway.

Another project we have started was on #16. When the Traver Creek Project was going on, the approach on #16 was used as a haul road. Hundreds of dump trucks full of silt from the pond were hauled over this portion of the fairway and dumped on the left side of #14. When the project was done, this area was supposed to be excavated and filled in with topsoil. If you have played during the summer since the project, you probably noticed that this area was never looking good. After digging it up and examining the soil, it looks like the compacted soil was never removed. It was just graded out and two inches of topsoil spread on top. 

We excavated the area down 4 inches. The we roto-tilled the compacted soil.

Topsoil was dumped onto the area and spread around.

The next step is to lay some bentgrass sod over the leveled topsoil. It should be fully grown in by next spring.


Brian Kuehn said...

Things are looking good at Leslie. Not thrilled about the aeration but it has to be done.

You also appear to have done a bit of drainage work near the fairway bunkers on #16.

Scott Spooner said...

Brian, we did fix a drain line near the fairway bunkers on #16. The old line had filled with roots and soil. We could not flush it out, so we had to dig it up and put in a new one.