Thursday, March 5, 2015

February 2015 Weather Summary

February was cold. The lowest temperature recorded at Leslie Park was -20.0 degrees, which happened on the 20th.. Eleven days had low temperatures below zero and all 28 days had lows below freezing. Only four days had high temperature that went above 32 degrees. The highest temperature was 43.8 degrees (Feb 8.) The average was 14.2 degrees. Last year was cold as well. Looking at February 2014, there were four days were the low was below zero and the average temperature was 19.2. However, this January was much warmer than 2014. January last year had 13 days below zero compared to just 4 days this year. When you look at the first two months of the respective years, the number of extremely cold days is very close. The 2015 cold snap has come about four weeks later than it did in 2014.

There was no rain during the month. The weather station did record 0.12 inches of melted snow. Most of that (0.10 inch) came on the 7th.

The highest wind speed recorded was 30 mph, which happened on the 14th. The average windspeed was 3.6 mph.

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