Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015 Weather Summary

The highest temperature for the month of January was 41.9 degrees. This happened on the 17th. The lowest temperature for the month was the morning of the 14th, where we saw a chilly -3.7 degrees.  The average temp was 22.1. There were 30 days where the low temperature was below the freezing point of 32 degrees. The 18th was the only day that never fell below the freezing point. Twenty days had high temperatures below 32, while 4 days had lows below zero.

January also saw 0.74 inches of rain fall. This does not include snow because the weather station we have does not record snowfall. The most daily rainfall fell on the 3rd (0.44 inches.)  That was the only day were we saw more than a tenth of an inch of rain. while seven days had at least a trace of rain. Most of those were snow melting in the rain collector.

The highest sustained windspeed was 26.0 mph (Jan 30th.) The average windspeed for the month was 3.5 mph.

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