Friday, November 8, 2013

New Patio

We contracted an outside firm to improve the patio at Leslie Park. We flattened an area behind #3 green this spring and built a retaining wall using some of the rocks found during the excavation of Traver Creek. This area worked well as a patio but it needed something to formalize it and finish it off. We decided that brick pavers would be an elegant look and improve the aesthetics of the patio.

The area before the pavers are installed. The orange line indicates the border of the bricks.

Another view before the pavers were put down.

Pallets of bricks staged for use.

The guys in the foreground are laying bricks while the guys in the background are compacting the sub-surface.

The border is called a "soldier" course because it keeps the rest of the patio in line. Bricks will be cut into triangles to fill in the gaps. The herringbone pattern prevents water from flowing between the bricks as it drains off the parking lot.

The finished patio.

Looking from the clubhouse. It will look much nicer with tables and chairs up there.

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Brian Kuehn said...

I was out at Leslie yesterday (11/7/2013). I can't believe I completely missed this new feature. Looks nice and it will be a nice place to re-count your strokes while sipping on a cool one.