Thursday, October 24, 2013

Then and Now

Last year at this time, we started the Traver Creek Project. The transformation of the golf course is the previous 12 months is amazing.

Below is the view from #10 tee last summer.
Notice the tree to the left of the tee box.

This spring before the tee is rebuilt. You can see the ballwasher and tee sign.

Laying the sod.

The rough starting to come in this summer.

October 1st.

Number twelve shows a more drastic transformation.

The view from the tee in July 2012.

The view in December.

May 2013.


Number eleven.


After construction.


Number thirteen.



Number ten green.

View of the green from the fairway before construction.


Number seventeen.

This photo is from 2010.

November 2012.

Spring 2013.

Summer 2013

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Brian Kuehn said...

The transformation was performed with a minimum of disruption to the golf operations. You, the contractors and the rest of the golf staff need to take a bow for all the work. I really like the changes and just hope the grass and vegetation cooperates so next year the back nine will have a more "grown in" look.