Sunday, April 14, 2013

Traver Creek Project Update #11

Anderson-Fischer brought some of the bentgrass sod for the fairways early last week.
The skid-steer with the attachment for laying big roll sod. Big roll sod is 30 inches wide and 100 feet long as opposed to the usual 18 inches wide by about 3 feet long.

The guys pulling the sod tight against the last roll on #14 fairway.

A short video demonstrating the process.

Rolls of sod waiting in the staging area.

As soon as the sod was laid out, we needed to get water on it. It is still dormant (hence the brown color) but water and warm temperatures should help to bring it out.

#11 fairway. Note how wide and flat the landing area is now.

#11 from the green. The areas that are bare soil now will be rough and will be seeded later.

The area between the north pond and Traver Road was hydroseeded with native prairie plants.

This blueish area on #12 was hydroseeded with a rough mix. The straw mulch blankets were put down after seeding with native wetland plants.


Brian Kuehn said...

"With the delay in spring warm-up, the opening of the back 9 of the course has been delayed for two weeks. We are now targeting Friday, April 12th."

What is the target now? I hate to see the opening rushed and then have all the work damaged by inconsiderate players. Will carts be banished from the back 9 until the sod and plantings take hold? I hope so.

Scott Spooner said...


With the rain and colder temperatures, we are now hopeing for opening this weekend.