Thursday, October 25, 2012

Catching Up

October has been a busy month. We have finished aerifying. We have blown out the irrigation. The leaves are falling. The Traver Creek Project begins next week. Some thoughts about what has been going on.

Last week, we had some scuff marks on #11 green one morning. As David was blowing the oak leaves off the green in preperation for mowing, he uncovered a broken deer antler. Apparently, two young bucks were working off some testosterone and one of them had a lot more than the other.

On Tuesday, we got the air compressor we use to empty the water from the irrigation lines so they don't freeze. Click here to read more about the process. This year, after we were done with the compressor, we took it over to Tony at Calderone Farms Golf Club near Grass Lake.

Here is a video I shot today on #9. The leaves on the oak leaves are falling like rain. This might give you some idea of the amount of time we spend in a day to keep the greens and tees clear of leaves. We also try to hit every fairway at least once. It can be frustrating to work for a half-an-hour to clear off a fairway, only to look back later and not tell that you have done anything. The only consolation is knowing that it would have been worse, if we had not blown it off before.

The Traver Creek Project is scheduled to begin on Monday, October 29th. The pond on #17 is being drawn down in order to facilitate dredging. It is about 2 feet below where it was during the height of this summer's drought. You can see the sediment build-up in the center of the pond.


Brian Kuehn said...

I have to wonder how many golf balls are going to be dredged up with all the sediment, some dating back to the 1960's when the course was built. I know I have donated a few.

Artificial Grass Solutions said...

Maintaining greens especially in large areas like golf courses is not an easy task, so it is totally understandable that your October was loaded. :) Nevertheless, the results you have are worth it.