Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Traver Creek Water Testing

As a matter of keeping up with Leslie Park's Audubon International Co-Operative Sanctuary Program, we take water samples from Traver Creek on a quarterly basis. We also work with the Leslie Science and Nature Center on many projects. Today, we were able to blend those two things into one learning experience for some 3rd and 4th grade students.

 LSNC hosts summer camps for elementary school students and we have been trying to encourage the instructors to utilize  the golf course as a giant laboratory. Recently, Stefan Szumko joined Ric Lawson from the Huron River Watershed Council to have Stefan's summer campers do some testing near the pond on #12. Ric and the HRWC have agreed to do more monitoring of Traver Creek in preparation for the streambank stabilization project that will happen this winter and thought it would be a great idea to have some of the young kids assist in the data gathering.

Ric addresses the students before going down to stream level.

Stefan gets his feet wet to do some temperature readings.

Stefan uses a meter to test pH.


Christopher Cyril said...

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Aquaread said...

Great to see the awareness and action regarding water testing is becoming more and more prevalent. The importance of this, from a safety point of view cannot be understated, especially when drinking water in concerned. 
It's not just on a grand scale that water testing can be achieved. Home kits are now readily available, and yield the exact same results as large scale water testing; at an affordable price too.

This is really great to see.

Bruce Eatchel said...

Great post. If they are familiar with each other, it should make for an interesting game.