Monday, June 11, 2012

Bank Pin Monitoring for the Traver Creek Project

As part of the Traver Creek (See Here) project scheduled to happen this winter, bank pins were installed along the creek.

These pins are intended to monitor erosion along Traver Creek.  They were installed on April 24th, 2012. Last week, I went out to check on the pins and take some pictures. As some background, the pins are 3/8 inch diameter rebar that was pounded into the banks at select areas along the creek. The pins were placed at 1 foot intervals above the water level. If the banks start to erode, the pins become more exposed.

The measurements showed no erosion. This is not unexpected at this point, since we have only had 1.9 inches of precipitation since they were installed. The maximum rainfall event was 0.52 inches. Over a six-week period, this is not a lot of rain and most erosion would be expected to occur after large (over 1.0 inches in 24 hours) rain events. In non-golf course areas, these types of bank pins are monitored quarterly, so it is not surprising to not see any erosion at this point.

Here are some pictures.

The rebar is tipped with yellow plastic caps.

A better picture of the caps.

Another area with three pins above the water line.

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