Thursday, May 24, 2012


There is a weir structure on the #17 pond at Leslie Park. This allows us to slightly change the level of the pond depending on the time of year. The discharge pipe comes out near the walking bridge that goes from #17 green to #18 tee. This pipe is 24 inches in diameter. While looking around 17 green the other day, I noticed that the discharge pipe was making more noise than usual. I checked the weir and, to my surprise, found a large snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) stuck between the boards and the reinforcement bar. Because the turtle was basically submerged, I feared it was dead and wondered how to remove it from the weir. Grabbing the bar used to change the board level, I began to lever the turtle out of it's position. I was very surprised when the fierce jaws suddenly grabbed the tool forcefully.

I was able to get the creature unstuck and he made his way to the outlet.

Once again, the outlet pipe is 24 inches around. Hours later, he had made his way back into the pond.

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Amy said...

Your son is extremely interested in this and wants to know why the turtle was in there, what its name is, if Charly scared it, and where he is now.