Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Weather Summary

After the July we had, it kind of turned around for August. We had zero days above 90 degrees in August. The closest we came was 89.0 on the first of the month. Lowest temperature recorded was 49.6. (29th) Average temp was 70.1.

We had 4.64 inches of rain. 6 days had over a tenth of an inch and one day (the 9th) had over an inch. (2.42 inches)

Highest sustained wind was 30 mph on the 20th, while the average wind speed was a meager 2.2 mph.

We have turned a corner in the turfgrass growth. At the beginning of the month, we had almost 14 and a half hours of daylight. By the end of the month, we had lost over an hour to 13 hours and 12 minutes of sunshine. The temps are dropping overnight and spends more time in the optimal temperature zone where grass can actually grow and recover, as opposed to during the heat of summer when we are just looking to maintain what we have. Civil sunrise (the time when there is enough light to see) was at 6:29 AM with actual sunrise at 6:58. Sunset is at 8:10 PM with civil sunset at 8:38. What this means is that first tee times are pushed back until almost 7 and the last golfers should be off the course by 8:30PM.

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