Monday, April 4, 2011

Blue Winged Teal

These four ducks were out on the pond on #8 this morning. I believe they are Blue Winged Teal.


Brian Kuehn said...

Ask around with the long time Leslie Park players about the Eastern Kingbirds that made the rightside of #11 their home one Summer.

Brian Kuehn said...

Correction, the left side of #11 in a small tree that was subsequently re-planted elsewhere.

Scott said...


I was reading up a little on Eastern Kingbirds. They seem to be aggressive. Would they come after golfers?


Brian Kuehn said...

Absolutely! There was a 20 yard radius circle painted around this little tree and marked GUR. A sign told golfers, "Beware of the Bird!".

One hapless guy I was playing with saw the sign and looked at this little bird sitting on her nest in the tree. He told me, "It is just a little bird, I'm going to play it from there." I told him I had seen the bird in action and he was making a BIG mistake. As soon as he walked into the circle the little feathered demon knocked his hat off and started drilling a hole in the golfer's head. The player decided it was better to take a drop.

I believe at the end of the season the grounds crew re-planted the tree elsewhere in case the Eastern King bird family returned the next year.