Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Parks Advisory Commission

Every year, golf course staff make a presentation to the Parks Advisory Commission (PAC) explaining what the courses do and how we are doing it. This year, the Director of Golf, Doug Kelly, put together a video presentation. Here it is.

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Brian Kuehn said...

Wow, well done presentation. The drone you obtained really made the video "pop".

Frankly, you, Scott, and Doug, are the heart & soul of Ann Arbor golf. From watching you and your 4-legged buddy patrol the course early in the morning to seeing the Director of Golf using a blower on an early November morning at Huron Hills, I know our courses are in great hands. Keep up the excellent work.

BTW, how the heck did Mike M. become the poster boy of Ann Arbor golf??? Next time you see that lazy bum, tell him Brian Kuehn, from Appleton, WI, tells him to get back to work!