Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 2013 Weather Summary

August 2013 saw 2.88 inches of rain at Leslie Park Golf Course. There were only 5 days with rain and only 3 rain events. This happened because on two of those rain events, the rain started at night and carried over to the next day. The largest rain event happened on the 12th and totaled 1.97 inches of rain. The total for the year is now 21.48 inches of precipitation.

The highest temperature recorded during the month was 86.9 (August 28th) and the lowest was 47.3 (August 15th.)  The average temperature for the month was 69.3 degrees. There was a ten day stretch where the high temperature only got above 80 once, from the 8th until the 17th. The high temperature only got above 80 twice during the first 17 days of the month. Not what you think of as typical August temperatures.

The highest sustained windspeed recorded was 20.0 mph (August 2nd.) The average windspeed was just 1.3 mph.

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