Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 2013 Weather Summary

April 2013 was a cold and wet month. It was more like the April we had in 2011 than last year. This year we had 5.41 inches of rain. Compare that to last year (2.04 inches) and 2011 (4.86 inches.) The maximum daily rain was 1.03 inches (April 11th.)  Leslie Park had 18 days with at least a trace of rain, while 11 days had over a tenth of an inch.

The average temperature was just 45.3 degrees. The high temperature recorded was 76.5 (18th) and the low temperature was 22.3 (3rd.) Eight days had low temperature below freezing.

The highest wind speed was 39 mph, which happened on the 18th. The average wind speed for the month was 5.3 mph.

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