Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Traver Creek Project Update #9

It has been a while since I have updated this project. The reason for this is the weather. The temperatures are at or below freezing and that has slowed down the progress. Things are starting to turn around now, so here are some pictures.

The trees have arrived!

Unloading the trees.

Digging the holes for the new trees on #11.

A hole ready for the tree that is right next it.

Trees for the mound next to the north pond. (#17)

A video of the rootball digger.

Working hard on a cold and snowy first day of spring.


Brian Kuehn said...

I appreciate your keeping us up to date on the progress. I must say, the changes to #11 and #17 as well as the green complex at #10 look pretty nice. Too early to tell on #12 and #10 and #18 fairways but based on what has been done so far, all the changes will be very nice.

I can't wait to tee it up at Leslie some time in April.

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