Thursday, September 6, 2012

August 2012 Monthly Weather Summary

This summary is a couple of days late, due to the Labor Day weekend and aerification of greens that was completed Tuesday and Wednesday. The practice green was done last week and after 7 days, the holes have almost completely healed. This is great news and I am hopeful that the rest of the greens will have as speedy of a recovery. This is the advantage of aerifying the greens now instead of late October. Later in the fall, the holes may not totally heal and you run the risk of having the aerification holes until the following spring. In a couple of weeks, golfers will be asking when we are going to aerify, since they will (hopefully) not be able to tell that we have already done them.

The high temperature for August was 92.7 degrees Fahrenheit (August 3rd) and the low was 47.3 (Aug 18th.) Compare that with June (98.3 degrees) and July (100.3.) and you can see that the temperatures are starting to come down. There were 3 days with high temperatures above 90.0 degrees. June had 5 and July had 10. The average temperature for the month was 70.1 degrees.

We also got some much needed rain in August with a total rainfall for the moth of 2.81 inches. The maximum rain was 1.18 inches on the 10th. We had 9 days of at least a trace of rain and 4 days where over a tenth of an inch fell. The yearly total rainfall at Leslie Park is 13.14 inches.

The highest wind speed recorded was 33.0 mph on August 4th. The average wind speed was just 1.7 mph.

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