Friday, August 3, 2012

July 2012 Monthly Weather Summary

For the month of July, 2012, the high temperature recorded at Leslie Park Golf Course was 100.6 degrees on the 6th. That is the highest temperature the weather station has recorded since we got it in June of 2010. There were 10 days were the high temperature for the day was at least 90 degrees. The average temp was 77.1 degrees. The lowest temperature at the golf course was 53.7 (July 21st.)

The rain continues to miss the Ann Arbor area for the most part. The monthly total was 1.67 inches. While the normal monthly total for July is 1.84 inches, this follows a spring and summer (so far) that has been abnormally dry. For the year, we have only gotten 10.22 inches, while the normal total would be close to 21 inches. We have gotten almost a half inch in the last week. This has helped green-up the areas in which we have irrigation, but the rough, where the irrigation does not reach, is still brown and dormant. The rain will help those areas survive until we get more rain but don't expect them to turn lush and green until we get much more rain. We had 7 days with at least a trace of rain and 5 days with over a tenth of an inch. None of the rain events totaled more than 1 inch. The most rain we got in one day was 0.71 inches (July 5th.) We had 13 days without rain between that event and the next rain  which was on the 19th, when we got 0.08 inches. Durring those two weeks, we had 5 days with high temps over 90. The lowest high temperature during that time was 83.3 on the 10th. It was hot and dry.

The high wind speed was 30 miles per hour. It occurred on the 5th. The average wind speed was only 2.2 mph.

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