Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December 2011 Weather Summary

Happy New Year!

I apologize for not having any updates for December. Things are slowing down and I have had some much needed time off.

For December, the high temperature was 56.6 degrees, on the 15th. The low temp was 10.4 (Dec 10th.) The average temperature was 34.7. 23 days had low temps below 32 degrees, while 4 days had high temperatures that not get above freezing. The average temperature for the year was 50.0 degrees.

With all of the cold weather in December, we still got 2.51 inches of rain. That brings the total rain 2011 to 41.79 inches. The month had 12 days of at least a trace of rain and 7 days with over a tenth of an inch.  For the year, we had 133 days with at least a trace of rain and 82 days of a tenth or more. We had 7 days with over an inch of rain for 2011.

The high wind speed was 30 mph (15th) with an average of 4.0 mph. The highest wind speed recorded for 2011 was 42 mph on November 9th. Average speed for the year was 3.7.


Brian Kuehn said...

During the slow season, you might discuss some of the things you do to prepare for the coming season. I can't imagine you are as busy as you would be during the active season. Still, there are probably a number of things you do that would surprise the rest of us.

And by the way, how many balls did they fish out of the ponds?

Scott said...


While I am not as busy out on the course, there are many things that I do during the "slow" season. I have been working on cleaning up the maintenance barn and making it more user friendly. I also make it a point to get out on the golf course at least once a day to check out the golf course. Yesterday, I found that some vandals had taken one of the bluebird houses near #4 tee and tore it out of the ground and then filled it full of fireworks.

Also, with the course was open until Thanksgiving and we hope to have it open again by the end of March. With all of the ballwashers, benches tee markers, flags, cups and other accessories coming off the course, being cleaned and painted and then being put back on the course before play starts, not to mention changing the oil and hydraulic fluid on the mowers and golf carts and sharpening the mowing units, I have still found some time to undertake some projects like putting new drainage on #11, removing invasive shrubs like buckthorn and honeysuckle, putting new lights in the barn, taking my pesticide applicators test and writing in this blog. By the way, all of this needs to be done while I am the only one in the maintenance department until the beginning of March.

But yes, things have slowed down.